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Sunday, November 28, 2010


Another trip to the Salmon River today...Flew solo today....Made it to Altmar as the temps rose to a balmy 27 degrees...It promptly began snowing upon exiting my vehicle...Ahhhh...Steelhead happiness. Now I don't usually get too philosophical when I write these blogs, but I have to say...There is something very beautiful, poetic and mesmerising watching the sun come up from your rear view mirror, rocking some classics on your way to a winter fishing destination. Normally I do not go out in the cold unless forced by necessity, but I have to say, when I was standing in the 41 degree river up to my hips, not being able to feel my toes with the snow coming down so hard that I couldn't even see the bank...I though WOW...I can't wait to do this again next weekend...

It was a great day...I had nine hookups altogether...The first fish, a huge male steelie, fought mighty for about 10 minutes before I could bring him close. A friendly angler offered a netting assist, I gladly accepted. As he went for the fish, something went wrong and he actually missed and pulled the fly from the buck's face...I watched as the biggest steelie of my short 5 trip career drifted back into the cold abyss. I had a few not so solid hookups that shook free, two break offs and these two beautiful browns...Lots of cold faces out there today...Tight lines and screaming reels....


  1. Those are some great looking Brown Trout if I don't say so myself. Cold weather fishing is always a magical experience. Good luck with those Steelies!

  2. Upper fly? Going next weekend?

  3. Another stranger netting mishap... I had that happen before and also did it someone else. I started to beach my fish from that point forward :)

    Nice Browns

  4. thanks fellas...BKill....I will be there on Sunday....I'm taking my Brother and Father for their first times....They were in the upper fly...but that's closed now...You heading up?

  5. Water levels are up there. If the river drops - and I suspect it will - I'll probably make the trip on Sunday too. Likely fish Trooper or Sportsmans. We should get together. Drop me an email ...