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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hatches Booth at the Symposium

All photos were shot by Alex Cerveniak....A very talented fly angler, fly tyer, photographer and writer....These were photos taken at the Symposium of the Hatches Magazine booth, the flies were made by yours truly...Enjoy....


  1. awesome pics pat and outstanding flies as always

  2. Man you do some amazing work. Have you thought about doing a training video. I would love to learn from you. Thanks Allen

  3. thanks carolinafalls.....I have actually been considering doing a serious how I do video this winter...I'll keep you posted...If there are questions I can answer let me know...pat

  4. Questions: How do you get the deer hair so close together. Once I trim mine they look to spreed apart, and yours looks so tight.

    And how do you add the top mohawk.


  5. the hair is stacked not can get more hair on the hook that way....I use a brassie packer to push it back...keep adding more until there is no more hook shank left....the mohawk is a little's put on after the trimming...