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Monday, April 30, 2012

Trout Boss Line

I don't promote that much in the way of fly fishing gear...Usually if I promote something on my blog it somehow related to fly tying..but I am finding myself compelled to talk about this new line from Cortland.. The Trout Boss, it's a floating weight forward line..I used the 8 wt version today. All I have to say is wow...I took it to a new lake to prospect for smallies....I was throwing flies that ranged in size from nymphs to 8 inches..The "Boss" handled them all beautifully. I was able to make 50-70 ft casts with ease..shooting line like it was lubed with KY.
I then proceeded to bring it to a secret carp location. The carp here are extremely spooky, so accuracy and distance are essential. I was throwing huge casts into the wind, landing them with pinpoint precision using this line. As good as it performed for smallies, it was even better on the carp...This may be the best line I have used for carp fishing..hands down. Roll casting a weighted nymph was easy, bigger casts with less false casts, and perfect line control...The olive color of the line seemed to blend in with the water and bottom quiet well...I do believe that I have a favorite new line..
Here's a link to the info direct from yourself a favor...if you are in the market for a new line...check out the Trout's not just for trout fishing....


  1. Hey Buddy Sweet Carp, u so gotta take me and hook me up on some Golden Bones!!! Im Ready

  2. That's good news. Both the line and the fish. I have a line heavy at the front for indicators and heavy flies at times. Another rod has a trout line 1 weight over for loading but also a more delicate presentation. For carp of course. Like what you said as Cortland had fallen out of favor with me over the years, it seemed they were not keeping up with current technology. This gives me hope.