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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fat Heads and Buckets

I took one of my Fat Head Deceivers out with me today to test on flat water...oh my....that's all I have to say. They were designed to be swung...but man do they move and groove on flat water..they shake their tails enough to make Shakira concerned about her future...they were designed to imitate smelt and be used to catch Atlantics....I have to tell you...the bass and the pickerel could not keep them out of their mouths today...A lot of nice fish....I missed as many as I caught..not all that I caught are on here...

This fish below...the big mama jamma....this is the biggest large mouth I have caught to measured 23 1/2 inches....and weighed in at 7 1/2 pounds....a safely released trophy bass by anyone's standards...

and at the end of the day....the fly still looks brand new....a fly that I can stand behind and now offer on my site... Super Fly webstore


  1. That's a hell of a day , definitely a trophy LM on the fly.
    Killer looking fly too , gonna have to see about picking up a couple of those and trying em out on my local bass (maybe even an Ozarks brown trout or two).

  2. Man ... That first fish is a toad. Nicely done Pat.

  3. What a fantastic day on the water--thanks for sharing

  4. Awesome largemouth Pat! Congrats on catching such a great fish on the fly. Even better it was on a fly you tied. Well done!