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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pike Flies

This is my first set of Pike flies.....Something new this year I'm doing....going Pike and Muskie fishing with the long rod....Should be killer.....I have many more to come.....

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  1. Good looking flies, but if you are using Puglisi fibers (or anything similar), I'd change that. Relatively straight fibers, like Harabou or Fishhair are fine, but I've found the matted ones, like Puglisi, tend to tangle in the smal teeth of the tongue and roof of the mouth, making it impossible to set the hook. Eventually, a big toothy critter opens his mouth, shakes his head...and out pops the fly. This can happen well into the "fight." Personally, I love marabou. Superb action, sheds water quickly during 1 false cast, and is surprisingly tough.