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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Went out this morning to a favorite bass, pickerel and gill lake....HL....It was 36b degrees outside, frost on the hood of my jeep...I think Mother Nature is toying us fisherman....It was a beautiful morning though, sun shining, the birds singing, ducks floating lazily around with the breeze....Nothing crazy today.....Top water gill action with a chartreuse and black striped slider......I'm not really sure what my recent obsession with catching these is all about, maybe they are just fun. I think a majority of spin fisherman consider them to be junk, throw on a worm and have one after the other...With a light weight fly rod you need to work for them a little bit, especially on the top, it's not that easy....Good times anyway....till tomorrow....


  1. Hi Pat
    Nice looking gills, are there any sun perch in that lake. They are the ones that look like a ball of fire when you first pull them from the water? Anytime you can catch gills on the fly it is fun. Our tailraee below the dam is out of pocket right now because of heavy generation, so the gill fishing is the order of the day for me, and I love it.

  2. Bill.....there are perch...and crappie...but I had to look up an image of what a sun perch is...I have never seen one...anywhere...ever...pretty though