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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Went to a little swampy ass mud puddle today because I knew there were giant carp slopping around in there....Hooked up on two....The first one ran me across the pond and into the weeds scaring every possible fish in the water....He threw the hook in the cat tails...The second was almost landed, within netting distance....Then spit it out at me...Ahhh...The joys of barbless fishing....It was nice to feel that power again though.....They took olive colored Clouser swimming nymphs....Bounced real slow through the mud plume.....


  1. We need to hook up - no pun intended. I can't get any of my trout bum buddies to stalk carp with me, and there's some great carp water up this way.

  2. yeah man I'm down.....This weekend is smallies galore..I have to tie at an expo next weekend in Cortland....We need to catch carp!!!Where do you want to fish?