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Sunday, January 16, 2011

1-16-11 Rabbit Strip Divers

These are a collection of rabbit strip divers...These are one of my favorite flies to throw at smallies when they want to eat on top. Watching a smallmouth slam a bass bug is the essence of bass fly fishing for me...

This fly is a zoo cougar variation that I tie for pickerel fishing. If you've never caught a pickerel on the fly, you are certainly missing out on some serious fun...

This is a how-to video on making a rabbit strip diver...Enjoy...Tight Lines and Screaming Reels....


  1. Smallmouth on the surface IS the essence... I couldn't agree more. I really like your version of the zoo cougar. It has a lot more style than the original. I've never caught a pickerel, pike, or a muskie... I think primarily because of their relative rarity in my part of the world. I would love to catch one though. Do you use a wire bite tippet?

  2. Pat, thanks for the video. Watched it this morning while checking on movie theaters around the world (that sounded better than "at work"). Can you tell me if after you create a thread base to stack on, does that base get pushed backed when you pack the hair, therefore leaving a bare hook again? After watching this video, and the hot butt toad (parts of it) again, I think I need to hit the vise again soon and try it again!

    Where do you get those razors? I looked for them at the home depot and they didn't have that style. Yours look sort of flexible.

  3. Jay...I actually don't use a wire bite tippet...I have tried a couple and I feel like they affect the action of the fly too much. I tie a straight piece of 50 lb mono with a big game snap swivel on the end for streamers....Or I'll use a regular 20ln tapered leader and I'll use 50lb braid as a bite tippet because I can still tie an open loop knot in it...

    GFP....When I pack the hair the thread gets pushed into hair....Then I put two more wraps and a half hitch...push that back to secure everything then add head cement. It keeps the hair from moving around the hook shank and builds a more durable bug...Thanks for the mention on your blog by the way...

  4. Excelente vídeo, capacita para diseñar y construir señuelos para la pesca, es muy ilustrativo, es muy oportuno para quienes quieran iniciarse en la pesca deportiva

  5. Pat, that was one great instruction video. Very well done! I just wanted to ask what size Griffin Hair stacker is that. A large or a magnum? Thanks for that awesome video!