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Thursday, January 20, 2011

1-20-11 Woolly Bastards

These are a newer baitfish pattern that I have been playing around with. The body is made of stacked, packed and trimmed wool. There is a Fly Lipp on the front for some extra movement. Cone head, feathery tail, some fins and a little flash. Enjoy...


  1. I continue to be amazed.
    Very cool man.

  2. One of your more interesting creations. They really have the profile of... penguins. Call me crazy but I've worked in more than one zoo, visited 25 zoos and aquariums around the country, and I've seen a lot of citters... this fly makes me think "penguin." I think it's the way the head sits tucked into the body.

  3. haha...penguins....they move a ton of water...

  4. Although I'm not in Fly Fishing, I need to say, those lures are just "frigging" cool!