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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Took another trip on Monday...This time I brought first timers, my dad, my sis and my brother in law....Awesome trip...this time of year there are salmon bombs lining the river banks, so careful stepping is required. A lot of dark fish in the river...We were able to get into some fresher fish later in the day...Everyone hooked up, everyone landed some...The first salmon for all of them...Congrats...A good successful outing.

I swung streamers all day with great success...I think the days of chucking lead and eggs are done for me. I'm beginning to understand the fishery more and more. I am still a warm water guy at heart, but I do enjoy this resource tremendously.

Here's the porn....

Soon the salmon will be gone...then the real angling personal winter favorite...Steelhead....


  1. I'll bet the family was really stoked. I'm glad the season's so short...wouldn't want the pull to become routine.

  2. Looks like everyone had a great time! what a great introduction for them.

  3. Being a bass angler, I know you're not afraid to use an 8 wt like some of the devoted 3 wt trout fly fishers, but I am curious what weight rod you're using... and curious about the streamers too.

  4. Thanks was a great time for sure...salmon are just plain out fun...

    Jay...I use a 7/8 wt 10ft6 switch rod...I was using a variety of streamers, including bunny leeches and flesh flies...I tied on a few spey flies and some marabou streamers as well...they all averaged around 2-3 inches in length...

  5. That looks like a killer day of fishing! Nice that you got the whole family involved , they'll be hooked for sure now.