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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Playing around...

An all wool version of a shad....

All wool Mullet....

Playing around with flex tube and CCG...


  1. I'm liking those flex tubers! Look real good for some Great Lakes Critters.

  2. Sweet wool work man! Those Bait fish look like they will hunt for sure.

  3. Pat,

    Are you weighting those wool bait fish with anything other than dumbell eyes under the hook shank to keep the hook point inverted? Mullet and shad patterns are big down my way for everything from big Redfish to Tarpon. And a finger mullet that pushes water the way wool or deer hair does is high on the list. I've taken to using CCT Body Fur and come up with some pretty cool designs, but your inverted hook idea is intriguing.

  4. Ken....the only weight is the of the things that I do though to make sure they ride right in the water is to trim them so that there is more wool on the belly then the back...reason...when the wool soaks up water it will remain right side up...give it a whirl...these things catch fish..I've been playing with different wool applications for the entire summer and can say with confidence...wool flies work...good luck...if you have questions or I can help you with making them let know...

  5. I'm a believer. I started tying wool head sculpins years ago for trout. Then started tying some wool bait fish for warm water in 2008. I began substituting the CCT Body Fur last year and am really happy with the results. It's an antron blend yarn with Flashabou tied in on a chenille stringer. You just palmer the colors on that you want, comb it out as desired, add in whatever accent materials you want for fins and such along the way, trim to shape, and add your finishing details. It really makes the process a lot simpler. You do lose some artistic flexibility, but for fishing flies it is awesome stuff.