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Monday, November 28, 2011


The bandits....

My Brother Chris

My Brother-in-Law..Dan the Wee Man

We journeyed to the Salmon River again today...hoping for some Steelie chasing...We met up with fellow maniacs John Collins and Mike Nutto...We walked high and low...swung streamers...bounced bottom....There was no action to be found. The water dropped to 335 cfs...41 degrees....and was littered with turkey stuffed fishermen everywhere...

Needless to say....the fish outsmarted us...This game of steelhead cat and mouse is an interesting one for me. First off..I hate winter..I hate the cold. I started this type of fishing last year...I decided to learn to love winter, embrace the cold, the snow and a new species of fish for me...Everything about this sport of steelheading is different then what I am used to. The flies are different, the technique is different, the fight is different, the take is different...even the people chasing them are different. Which makes finally catching one of them that much more exciting...I feel like I have earned the take when I get it...

No Steelhead were landed...but I did stick a healthy Brown with the Fenwick...I hooked into a Steelhead that ran like a freight train and broke me off in less then a second...Always a good time...


  1. good seeing you. i didnt catch any steel, by buddy landed 2 small ones in the DSR.slow times, well be back.

  2. We need to give it another go over there ... redeem ourselves from our last trip.

  3. That is a beard to be proud of.