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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Personal Best

I had the pleasure of fishing with my brother and step dad this last weekend. We planned a little smallie float down a great little river in Western NY. Everyone got on fish....all in all about 40 fish were landed between the three of us. A beautiful day, a beautiful little river, family, six Bald Eagles in total and great fishing....what beats that? Mt brother did happen to have one of his best days on the water as well, catching the largest smallie he has ever hooked into on the fly...Congrats...there are many more to come...

I did happen to break my personal best carp record as well...This monster weighed in at 22 pounds....Putting my new gear to the test....The new set up from was killer. I used the XLA reel and the Nite 9 1/2ft 8 wt for the rod...The carp didn't even stand a chance...


  1. All nice! Great trip and fish! Creek chubs and rock bass, too nice.


  2. Looks like you went to an 8 weight just in time!

  3. So sick! Great fish Pat, congrats! How's that go pro? Any videos up?

  4. Beautiful carp. The other fish are pretty too. Carp fishing is about the only thing I miss from Indiana. Just can't fly fish for them here in central Florida.