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Monday, August 20, 2012


A little smallie float from the weekend...a bit of a disappointment...we floated a piece of water that turned out to be 50% mud and slop....not a rock formation to be bass...a little slow going..but about 20 fish between the two of us boated and safely released...


  1. That is good stuff right there. I love smallmouth action. Even if the conditions were not to your liking, it looks like you did very well.

  2. 20 smallies in one day of fishing ... and you're disappointed?
    How do you feel when you get one of those days when you only catch ... 6?
    Or if you're like me ... you get skunked once in a while?
    Good bunch of pretty little bronzebacks.

  3. haha...I guess you get a bit spoiled when normal days are 15 to 20 fish a piece on a normal outing..The conditions after all of the flooding have been grimm...the good news is that there still are fish...and lots of juveniles at that...the river will come back

  4. If I can do 10 in about 4 - 5 hours, I'm happy. You've got some prime waters there. I wade stocked waters but have yet to float it . . . hence 20 fish would be great.