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Saturday, May 26, 2012


I was contacted by a recent customer to work out some special fly selections for him. He's going on a trip to Bolivia to chuck fluff at Golden Dorado and Pacu...He needed me to whip up some flies for him. I have to say, I have never fished for either of these species..or been to Bolivia for that matter...So I did what any good destination fly tyer would do...hit the web in search for all of the info that I could find...Here are the results of my tying research...


  1. Very nice! Are those sixth from the bottom supposed to be eggs or some chubby nymph pattern?

  2. Pacu eat seeds and various forms of nuts, berries and vegetation...I used a wool dubbing and made basically over sized egg patterns...they can float or sink depending on how they are used...hopefully they will produce...

  3. Interesting..... I see how they might be good for Great Lake steeled as well.