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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Decided to go to the local resevoir with a bud of mine this morning.....Ended up with almost 40 blue gills and a bass....Not bad for a mornings work....A Little yellow popper and a purple mosquito larvae pattern stole the show....

Thursday, May 27, 2010


A grand morning...I somehow talked my better half into going and stomping around (lightly of course) in a little trout stream about 20 minutes from home....I had a couple of grabs, some risers chasing caddis....but nothing landing....I think my dry fly timing is off...Quite a difference from throwing a 6 or 8 wt with big 1/0 2/0 bass bugs on the line, 10lb tippet, in the pads, to super aggressive bass and pickerel....all the way to a 4 wt with 3.5 lb tippet and a size 14 elk hair caddis....I don't know what I was thinking....I missed my bass when I was out there....She caught a leopard frog, and some pics of snails...made her day, which in turn made mine....A happy girlfriend is a happy boyfriend...No fish, but a great outing....back to BBBBBBBBBASSSSSS tomorrow....Tight Lines

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Took my Commander to one of my favorite large mouth/pickerel small lakes today....Hot hot hot....The sun was out in full force....I'm cruising the lilly pads....Deer hair bass bug and twitchy won the race today....managed to hook up 3 large mouths and 2 pickerel....for an hours hunting I'll take it.....For anyone out there that doubts the excitement of top water bass or pickerel fishing....all I can say is you need a new hobby....Bass bugs are fun to make, amazing to fish, and extremely versatile....You can imitate a variety of food items, or just like trout fishing....make a stimulator type pattern....After all, bass bugs are dry flies for cooler fish....If you make some noise on the surface, they will come....If you don't know how to stack, spin and trim deer need to learn.....Tight Lines....

Monday, May 24, 2010


Mainden voyage of my new kayak...all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!! What a boat. 15 minutes in to my voyage I was paddling standing up with no issues. The boat never felt unstable. I took it to my favorite small mouth stream. First to a spot that I have only fished twice. As I paddled I watched huge smallies underneath me, cruising around, absolutely not interested in my offerings. I hovered over a pool for a couple a minutes....Underneath me were some of the largest carp I have ever seen...Tons of them...So I got my first carp on a fly today...Just a little guy, but a carp none the less.....Moved on to my favorite section of creek after that. Had a killer day rocking out smallies....The ones in the pictures here, are before I dropped my camera in the water. There were about 8 others after that that I have no photos of...Clumsy me...I made a huge 60 foot cast to a smallie hanging in the shallow, perfect cast, exactly were it needed to go, bass grabs it, I set the hook, I here a plooooopppp....the drag knob on my Okuma reel falls off my reel, into the water, a 10 ft deep pool...line spills out....but I landed the fish.....This happened to be the fish by the way that when I went to take the photo, my camera went swimming as well....Evil little bastard. It was a beautiful bass though....I make the decision to change out lenses on my Guidelines Chameleon glasses, the frames split....The day was a little rough on equipment, but excellent none the less...Now I just need to rig up the Commander trim and proper I'll be good to go...Tight Lines

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I haven't been fishing in a few days...Had a bit of a stomach bug...I'm having bass withdrawal. I did however come home with a new kayak today. I purchased a Wilderness Systems Commander 120. Very excited about this boat. I tested multiple boats from multiple companies. This boat by far in my opinion blew away the competition for my fishing needs. Some of the things that I was looking for......Stability, can I stand up, move around, get gear without tipping over easily. Is there storage space, can I mount things to the boat......How does the boat track, ease of paddling....This boat has made a home in my fishing arsenal....Can't wait to get it fishy tomorrow....Tight lines

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I am not one of those fishermen that walks up to their favorite lake, pond or other still water....looks into the shallows, sees large mouth in spawn beds, and throws random flies, bait or artificials at them until they bite. I just don't believe in harassing the fish off of their beds, (the future of the bass population in your favorite water).....sticking a hook through their jaw, fighting them, stressing them out more then they already are from spawning, not allowing them to protect their young, then throwing them back in a weakened state....Makes no sense to me if you have a love, an understanding, a passion for the fish that you target. So when I reached my water of choice today, I noticed the LMB had moved to the shallows, and were guarding their nests....So I moved on to catch some of the huge population of crappies and bluegills that inhabit the water. I did hook one LMB while fishing crappies....All the fish were released unscathed. Beautiful day, sunny, 58 degress when I started, 65 when I stopped, promises to be 80 by afternoon....I'm hoping this is a sign of spring/summer is finally arriving....Tight lines....Responsible fishing....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Went to a local resevoir for some bass/bluegill action...Practicing a little site casting to fish that wouldn't bite....Saw this guy cruzin' with the unresponsive largemouth....caught some gills....then my first perch of the year...

Monday, May 17, 2010


I went exploring for about an hour today....I paddled a new stretch of creek that I have never fished before. Absolutely beautiful section. I don't know why I haven't spent time there before. My efforts were rewarded with a huge smallie. I was using a 4 weight with a swimming nymph pattern, dead drifting it in the current.WHAMMMMOOOOO....This fish almost had me to backing on the first run. I used my hand to slow the reel and then it pulled me and my yak for a good 75 feet downstream....Amazing fish....Then I went home....I was so fulfilled by this one catch I needed nothing more. It got me thinking....Sometimes when we go out to fish it becomes all about numbers. Who caught more, the biggest...blah blah....This one catch, in a beautiful stretch of water, all alone, a lightweight rod with one fly box....That's why we do what we do...It's the moment, the place, your surroundings, the peace and tranquility, becoming part of the bigger picture....It's easy to complicate fly fishing in todays market....I think that's why more people don't get involved in this wonderful sport. Gadgets, gear, a rod for every fish, specialty reels, a line for every scenerio, bags, super waders that chill beer at the same time as keeping you dry, (that wouldn't be too bad though).... Now I'm not saying that I'm not guilty of being part of the consumer market, I have rods, reels, lines, and some gadgets and gear, I'm just saying the simple act of being in a place with beauty all around us, no phone ringing, no computer, no worries except landing the fish that's swimming away with you fly is why we all started in this sport of ours....Tight lines....

Sunday, May 16, 2010


OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH what a groovy but exhausting day....My fishing partner and I started off the day by attempting the use of a flat bottom jon boat with an electric motor....Why this seemed like a good idea to me the kayak fisherman, I'm still not sure....That lasted all of 20 minutes...put it away....ran to get the yaks...To my favorite smallie stream...Fishing is still a little slow, but it is gaining momentum....I give my friend my special fly...the "Schoharie Special"...he lands a Walleye that would make anyone proud.....Congrats....First walleye ever, and it was on his fly rod....Caught some smallies....Saw some Bald Eagles....Beautiful day....Left for a little lake to catch some bucket mouths and pickerel...Came up a little empty there as well....Strange weather the last few days...The gills are chillin in the shallows now, so that's usually a good time, they were being a little uncooperative tonight as well...One of those days, the fish had the upper hand...still a great day to be out and about tossing the buggy whip around...Tight lines...

Saturday, May 15, 2010


What a great morning...I sold my Freedom Hawk 14 last night....Didn't lose any money on it which pleased me....I went to a little lake about 15 minutes from me this morning., The water was down about 5 feet, a beaver damn ruptured. I didn't realize how much I was missing structure wise, weed beds, sunken islands....I tested out my new fly jigs, worked like a charm...Crappies, a no touch release large mouth, a forget to take a picture pickerel, a bluegill....The largest snapping turtle I have ever seen.....I of course had polarized glasses on and my camera didn't, so no pic og him....Excellent start to my day....Tight Lines....

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Made it to the water at last....Not a bad morning...But then again any morning on the water is a good morning....Tested my new fly out...Worked like a charm.....There is something magical about top water fishing.....Bass bugs, divers and all the other larger top water flies....When a predator slams into those and that water explodes...Oh man....Who needs a workout, that gets my heart pumping plenty....Tight lines...