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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I live in the middle of NYS...which means that I don't get to fish salt water all that often...other then a few basic patterns, and doubling some of my fresh water patterns as salties...I don't tie salt water flies that frequently...Which leads me to this post...I was offered up a challenge of sorts, at least I looked at it that way...I was given a list of baitfish by a man, instead of a list of flies and told to go to work...Create what I thought was hear it is...

Sand Eel...


Silver Side



I tested them all in the water...fresh water...they seem to move well...only the customer and the fish pics he sends will let me know how well they fool the stripers...


  1. Cool looking flies... the anchovy looks sweet! I can see that one working great on bonito / albacore too.

  2. Nice work...Il be in touch bro and my salt casts are getting better so I hope to be in range soon Haha.