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Monday, July 19, 2010


Did a little fishing over the last two days.....Sunday I met up with a friend of mine to explore a lake that he knows very well and I have only been on twice before. DEC claims the NYS record Tiger Muskie should be coming from this lake this year. We went searching....I drove 4o minutes to meet him, 5:30 am...On the water by 6:15...At the starting spot by 6:45.....Beautiful lake, beautiful day, not a fish to be found....We fished hard, I mean really hard...At one point I had to stop and just rest because my arm hurt so much from casting...They call Tiger Muskie the fish of 10,000 casts....I think I put in 5,000.....At least....We ended up with one bluegill, one perch, one pickerel, and one nice smallmouth by John...Fishing ended about 3pm....We went to a small pond on the way home after ice cream to replenish sugar energy.....Slammed bluegills and a few large mouth....Great day, little fish...That's why it's called fishing and not catching.....

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