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Sunday, May 1, 2011

5-1-11...Bass.....Big Bass

Round two with Phil and his new kayak today....Beautiful day to say the least.

Now as a man, I can honestly say that we have a subconscious need to compete with one another. There is nothing that we can do about it....Everything starts even, but 32 seconds into an event, we are busting chops and tormented the other guy. This happens in fishing probably more then anything....Even the trout snobs secretly taunt each other under their breath. Well Phil and I competed today....I have to hand it to him, he out caught me...19 to 22....Not to mention that he caught all of the species in the lake...and he managed to stay in his boat...and not get attacked by any wild animals...well...he was chased out of the weeds by an angry beaver...he proved himself to be the Perch Whisperer after another...Congrats to a a perfect day fishing and catching....

People ask me all of the those things that you make actually catch fish or are they just to look at....Well....I fish with everything that I make...and they all catch the fish that they were intended to catch....All but two of these fish were caught on my flies. The other two were tied by my friend Brian Carson from He made me some awesome flies to try out and they worked like a charm.

I catch toothy critters a lot, and beat my flies putting them into trees, weeds, brush, rocks and most of my flies are reinforced with CCG...if you haven't checked out the Goo are missing out. Enjoy the pics...Tight Lines


  1. I admit a bit of jealousy. No fishing for us this weekend. Everything around here is pretty flooded... and looks to be that way for a while. I'll have to live vicariously through my blog buddies' fishing for now. Thanks for giving me some fish to look at. I probably won't see any for at least a couple weeks.

  2. Not quite as good as your day, but we had a decent day getting into bass, bluegills and pike this weekend. Check-out

  3. Nice red perch. Those are pretty fish.

  4. Awesome looking day! that was some serious business in that pike's mouth...

  5. That is a serious picture thread. Well done!!!

  6. thanks was an awesome day to say the least...