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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5-16-11 Carp

It rained all day, all weekend actually and continues to rain today....I loked at the ten day forecast, all I see is rain. So I geared up, called Dustin and we went carping. Carp on the fly is something relatively new to me. I learned to target them last year with flies. It is the most difficult fly fishing I have done to date. They are smart, selective and spooky. One fish runs, the entire school is put down. These are the first carp landed of the year.....

Dustin's catch of the day...

My catch of the day...I landed two this trip....

Orange Carp'n Crunch in action...

Look at those lips...Irresistible


  1. Carp don't get enough's definitely the hardest fishing, by far, in my experience and from what I hear. But when you get one, what a sense of accomplishment, eh?! Congrats on the first carp of the year! Love the pics!

  2. Nice looking specimins and sweet fly! Headed out the door for some afternoon carp on the fly myself.

  3. Stalking carp rocks. Funny how a lot of us are targeting fish our fathers considered garbage. Nice fish Pat.

  4. I've never fished for carp on the fly, but it sounds like a good time to me. I'm sure they put up a nice fight. Great pics and nice fish. Tight LInes...

  5. Nice carps!! I made a scouting mission to one of my local golden bone haunts yesterday and went 0 for 2. Wind came up and pushed me off the flats before I could redeem myself. Your pics just gave me a good motivation to do it again....soon.

  6. Pat
    Just curious, are these fish any good to eat? If they taste like they look they might taste ugly. Nice catch!