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Monday, January 30, 2012

Bronze Logo

As many of you who follow me through my random, sometimes nonsensical ramblings...I am an artist by trade. I make my living applying art to skin, creating bold logos and illustrations...When I went to college, my main focus was sculpture...I studied the human figure, through both life drawing and sculpture. We were fortunate enough to have a bronze foundry in our sculpture studio. I studied at Binghamton University for two years, a majority of that time was spent in the foundry learning to sculpt for and cast bronze statues. What a, steamy, dirty, sweaty and slightly dangerous. When molten metal pours from the crucible into your hydro cal molds, it's an amazing experience...At that point you lose all control of the artwork inside...The wax has already been burned out through the use of a kiln, leaving a hollow mold inside with tubes, canals and vents. This infrastructure insures proper flow of the molten bronze...If there is any carbon deposits left or moisture left in the mold, it shoots a spray of molten metal into the air resembling Old Faithful. If the metal touches cement in any way, watch out again...The moisture in the cement is quickly turned into steam and shoots into the the end result if all goes well is a magnificent piece of precious metal that took the shape of your creation....

This is my new bronze tying vice embellishment made by an extremely talented foundry owner...Benjamin Jose...
Benjamin Bronze

This man and his sculpting partner have talents like you have never seen...Amazing metal smiths to say the least. They took my logo from a flat print, a jpg image and sculpted a magnificent piece of art from it. Give these guys a shout...let them know that you heard about it from me...get your personalized bronze made today...


  1. Looks awesome! I grew up in Binghamton... I never knew they had a foundry. That stuff has always interested me but art is not my forte.

  2. Fell in love with this at the show. I will be contacting Benjamin soon.

  3. Got the card on my desk and will be in touch with them soon. That piece was sick!

  4. Pat,

    That is really cool. I think I may have to have me one for myself. I am sure you've heard it a million times, but your deer hair skills are second to none.... Keep up the great work.