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Friday, January 13, 2012

Shaggin' Dragon

This is a fly that I have been playing around with...dragon fly imitations in general have been a part of my carp fly arsenal...I have caught fish on all kinds of variations of this fly. This is the end result of all my playing and testing. It is a custom blended wool dubbing on the lower body section, olive wire ribbing, an olive mallard tail and a flashback....the upper section includes Hareline's Wiggle Dub, a blend of olives and browns, bead chain eyes, turkey flat wing casing and an orange thread head. The wing case is coated with thin CCG and then the thread wraps and case are finished off with Hydro...This fly will catch you fish...trout, bass, pan fish or name available on the store....


  1. Killer looking fly. Havn't tried any dragonfly nymphs for carp yet but now I'm gonna have to give em a shot on my local waters. I use the CCG currently and love it but havn't heard of the product??

  2. Beautifull looking fly! Just ordered some wiggle-dub, interested to see how it compares to rub-a-dub