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Monday, August 13, 2012

A little Love

Today....I spent the day on foot scouring my stream to find some life....finally..I was paid back a little love from the River Gods....

A few smallies....a few fall monsters...but success none the less...


  1. Pat
    Awesome looking smallies and really like the looks of that fly reel, what is the make?

  2. pretty little fishies. You call then fall fish ... are those chubs? I don't recognize them.

  3. Pat it's cool to see you catching and enjoying catching fall fish. There are some amazing species to catch that are not called trout :)Great to see your stream is holding up and coming back well.


  4. thanks all....Fallfish are a good time for sure..they fight hard and croak at you...

    Bill...the rod and reel are from Vision Fly Fishing...more on that later..

  5. I looked up the fallfish. It's the largest member of the minnow family of fish. Pretty cool ... I didn't even know they existed until this posting.
    Thanks, for introducing me to a new fish.