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Monday, August 27, 2012

The trip of the season

My buddy Marc and I do some steelhead fishing together during our long upstate NY winters. We've been chit chatting back and forth all summer about getting together for a warm water trip. So yesterday it happened..Marc wanted to catch smallies and attempt his first walleye on the fly. We hooked up and I played guide on my favorite stretch of water....The results were utterly ridiculous..Between the two us us we boated more then 80 fish. Rock Bass, Small Mouth, Fall Fish and Walleye all came to fly and hand. Most were in the 10-14 inch range, with a few lunkers thrown in the mix as well. My Walleye was about 22 inches, Marc's was 23. A great fish for the first on the fly...Marc said it was the best day fishing warm water that he's ever had...I was just glad my water performed up to the standards that I know it can. Here's some pics...


  1. Now I understand why you were "disappointed" with a 20 fish day. Good job as guide. Glad to see people catching fish.

  2. Nice pics. Those Fall Fish are a great fight aren't they? Love those smallies!!

  3. nice smallies man and good looking walleye, one of the best eating fish there is.