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Monday, October 11, 2010


My buddy Steven and I went out for a little fish chasing this morning...It was a beautiful morning, lots of a sun, a little wind, but generally a pleasant fall day...I ended up landing around 20 fish all together, missed about 5 pickerel at the boat...3 or 4 crappie missed my net....I lost the biggest largemouth I have ever caught about 3 feet from my boat...0x tippet, size 2 streamer hook, 8 wt rod....muscled him in out of the weeds, one last kick of his tail, straightened my hook out before I could net him....all I could do was laugh....I have never had a hook straighten on me before...Big ass fish....All fish as usual were safely returned to swim and fight another day, even the crappie.....Everybody came home safe and sound and as dry as you can be in a kayak....


  1. Wow! Great day! Nice crappie. Sorry to hear about the bass. You'll get it next time. Thanks for sharing.

    The Average Joe Fisherman