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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I may have been a little over gunned for my catches today....but I went home with fishy hands.....Had a weird feeling of doubt this morning as to the use of my kayak in the lake...Not really sure why, just a bad feeling...So I left it home and went to another body of water that I can fish from shore. Brought my 8 wt in hopes of some big smallies with a full sink line...Ended up with a couple of perch and one bass, nothing huge, but a slight bend in the rod anyway.....Scraped my windows to get there...Winter is on the way....


  1. scraped your windows!? I'm not ready for that at all!

  2. Look at the colors on that middle perch, beautiful.


  3. Pat
    What is the temps there? I am ready for some cool weather here, statted to go today but was super windy and the fly rod is useless in that kind of wind.

  4. thanks all....temps...well during the day it is between mid 50's mid 60's, night time is getting below freezing....fall has arrived

  5. Had to look close at that second pic. Almost thaought that was peacock. Pretty fish.

    The Average Joe Fisherman