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Monday, October 4, 2010


I made some foam wigglers...painted with sharpie then coated with sally hansens hard as nails...these things are fish getters....make


  1. Those look awesome Pat.Hows the hook up ratio with regards to using weed guards with them.

  2. Thanks....I use a lighter weedguard on them...40lb its heavy enough to not snag the weeds and light enough to compress fairly easy...I use them for pickerel a lot, so when they attack a top water fly, they hit it so aggressively that they miss sometimes anyway....I don't think the guard itself changes a whole lot to be honest...

  3. Hands down my favorite bass fly, but awesome on trout too. Just received 100 foam cylinders from Angler's Workshop, and plan to use every last one. Just freakin' deadly.

    One trick I picked up somewhere is to blend colors by wiping gently in one direction with a paper towel immediately after coloring with a marker. Makes for a very nice effect.

    As always ... well done Pat.