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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Today was the first day an a few that I have gone out....We had a ridiculous amount of rain dumped on us...The rivers are all flooded out....I visited a local lake today in hopes of hammering down some LMB and Pickerel.....I'm not sure if it's because of the rain changing the water temps suddenly, the air temp, the wind, or the muddiness from the bottom being stirred but the action was way slow....2 Pickerel caught...That's all folks....I caught a chill from the blasting wind running through my bald head and threw in the towel for the day....Back to the bench...Must create more fish demons....


  1. I'm sure the unsettled weather had something to do with putting the fish "down" or off bite. Also, have to acknowledge that sometimes the fish win!

  2. Yes, sometimes the fish win....but this time, clearly they did not. a 2 fish day is a win for the fisherman! either way, you got out and got on the vise (from the sounds of it.)

  3. Pat
    Can you send some of that water down south? We are under a fire alert here. We have not had a good rain in 8 weeks. On the plus side we did get rid of those hot humid days, it is finally cool with fall coming on.

  4. When the water is all stirred up I find that the fishing is either stellar or subpar. Some of my best fish have been caught when the water is dirty.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  5. Looks like we had 2 days off the back to it...a nice weekend is on it's way however.....Bill...You can have all the rain you want...haha...we had 6 inches....My creek went from 100 cfs to 20,000 cfs overnight.....looks like chocolate milk...hoping i settles down a little before the real cold hits...