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Sunday, February 13, 2011

2-13-11 Cranks and a blue gill

So...with warm weather on the way...I took some time today to start making a few top water flies for my box. The Smallie season will be here before I know it, and my boxes are looking a little anorexic. These are some of "The Cranks" that I'm hoping will land me a few monsters this spring....

This is a newer fly that I have been working on. I have been playing a lot with wool and Fly Lipps lately. Fly Lipps are a neat little thing that goes on the end of your hook shank. It acts as a crank bait lip. Depending on which direction you orient the lipp, the fly will swim up or down in the water column. The lipp adds quiet a bit of motion to a fly. This particular fly is a blue gill made of wool. The lip faces up and the fly has a little bit of weight. It is oriented to swim up the water column after sinking. It is virtually weedless due to the shaping of the wool around the hook. It is ties in a "Clouser" style, meaning the weight has been added to the top of the hook shank, forcing the point up..."Rising Wool Gill" has been born....


  1. How much deer hair do you go through each year? Seems like a few whole deer at this tying rate! Great job.

  2. Such wonderful creativity.


  3. Awesome work Pat. What size are these guys? They look as big as the smallies I tend to catch.


  4. Thanks every one...Yes I go through a ton of hair....The flies are all tied on 3/0 mustad 34011 hooks, making the fly about 3 1/2 inches long. I catch mainly smallmouth in the 16-20 inch range....

  5. Pat,

    Hope you're not one of those guys who tires of compliments. Fine work as always.

    Now how about something Zara Spookish (maybe use an 8x long Partridge Carrie Stevens hook) or perhaps a Deer Hair Jitterbug?

    Hit the SR lately?