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Sunday, February 27, 2011

2-27-11 Fish On

Today I decided to step away from the vice and rock out on the water. A drive to the Salmon River with my co-worker Dustin took place. We stopped at the local fly shop to get the lowdown on the river today...The lower fly zone was shoulder to shoulder due to warm weather and the beginning of a major stone fly hatch.

We ventured lower in the river hoping to pick up some fresher fish....To the Staircase batman....Apparently no one has been fishing this area, no broken trail and three feet of snow let us in on the secret....

A trail we made...Stomping down the embackment and up the tracks ended with me face planting over the tracks and into the snow. A quick rollover and back on my feet....Well...more like a turtle trying to roll off of his back I would really say. I am wearing new waders today...I bought neoprenes due to the leak in my breathables. The boots are so heavy on the new waders, on top of Korkers attached to them that I can barely lift my feet. On we trudged. "Look" I say..."check out that bald eag..." bam....face first in the snow again...Oh of those days has begun...

We fished and fished...swung speys, stripped streamers, bottom bounced every nymph in every size and color...notta....We walked back, loaded and switched areas...To the Compactor...We, fish, fish....a hookup, it rises, then takes off leaving me with my fly in a tree....Onward..We continue fishing there for an hour or tow...Now the day is counting down....Decision time...We have barely seen a sole all day...perfect fishing....however...we really want a solid hookup...Shoulders the lower fly zone we go...

The common pools were over loaded with people....So down river we went....Dustin and I discussed some photo angles that would be cool if we landed anything today....We fish and fish...then finally I have a hookup...This fish ran me out almost to backing, then made me chase it 500 ft down river before landing...Only to realize that Dustin was nowhere to be found. So these are the photos that I managed while my partner was apparently chasing minnows....Enjoy...


  1. Very nice. Looks like your day was saved at the 11th hour. I really like the single stonefly in the snow photo.

  2. That's a pretty impressive piece of chrome.
    Well done