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Saturday, February 19, 2011

2-19-11 Fleeing Bucktail

These are a bucktail/hackle feather pattern that I have used for sometime with great success. They are tied Clouser style with lead eyes, and have hackle feathers in the tail much like a half and half. The bucktail is tied in hollow style to create a little more profile. The Fly Lipp is placed on the opposite side of the eyes so the fly wobbles and rises to the surface when stripped in. Since my smallie flies usually take a beating, the heads are finished with Clear Cure Goo and nail polish.


  1. I don't often say this but you are a true artist. Many of your creations are too pretty to get wet!

  2. Hard to see in the pics, but is the hair on the top and bottom tied forward and pulled back a la Thundercreek?