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Thursday, February 24, 2011

2-24-11 Clear Cure Goo and DNA

I've been playing around with DNA Fibers today. You can do all sorts of things with these. Synthetic fibers are an interesting thing to say the least. They have nice movement in the water, don't absorb any water and really don't break down like bucktail or marabou. There are several ways to bind them to a hook shank and you can trim and shape them any way you wish. You can layer or blend colors like in the DNA Deceivers....

Thanks to Brian at Clear Cure Goo, I have been experimenting with his products as well. These are very cool. All of the flies here, the deceivers and the Fry Guys are coated with Clear Cure Goo brushable formula. This stuff is amazing. It cures with a UV light in seconds, brushes on with an included applicator and doesn't yellow over time. After curing I apply a coat of clear nail polish and I'm done.

Enjoy...Tight lines and screaming reels....


DNA Deceivers


  1. Hey Pat,

    I am really diggin the Fry Guys. Are the eyes sticks coated with the Clear Cure Goo? Reminds me of a Megan's Minnow. Very nice!


  2. I got my CCG in today and now it is time to play! You give some great examples