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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cape Cod

So I'm heading to Cape Cod this weekend to try out Striper fly fishing for the first time. This is the collection of flies that I have worked up to bring. I would be lying if I said the reports of Whites in the area already didn't concern me, but I am a tattoo artist which means I could probably rock a peg leg. I am told there is nothing to worry about. The couple of guys that I'm going with have been doing this for longer then I'm alive. I can't wait, first time in the slat with a fly rod...


  1. About the white sharks, just think about as a opportunity to catch one with a fly rod!

  2. Enjoy it Pat - the reports are good for the cape and MA coast in general. You should have a blast!

    And stripes on the fly - total blast!

    No worries on the white sharks. Just dont swim among seals ok.