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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5-31-11 Carp

Back to the carp today....I love these fish....everything about them...the color, their crazy lips, their perfectly even scales...the fact that they are ridiculously difficult to catch with a fly....the fact that if you hook into a good one, it will make your reel scream....It's more like hunting then fishing, I feel like Rambo sneaking through the jungle so the enemy doesn't know you're there.

The carp were in full spawn mode, which made thinga a little difficult to say the least. We managed to hook a couple, but it wasn't easy. Not all of the fish were spawning, some were still eating. Close to shore, near the banks and in the weeds these fish were to be found. The fish that weren't spawning were more spooky then usual. This is a video of some spawn action...If you've never seen carp spawn you should. They make the water boil, they jump, leap, partially beach themselves...

Dustin's hookup for the day, a little channel that was jammed full....

My two for the day...

A nice Perch I hooked into on the way home...

Tomorrow...more fish....Tight Lines....


  1. "Tomorrow...more fish...." Hope today offers up its best for you. I was out chasing carp yesterday, but they were spawning like crazy and were more interested in their orgy than my fly. ;) Looks like you got into some awesome fish though....nice!

  2. Well done sir...good luck tomorrow and tight lines.

  3. Carp are fun and they fight hard for their size. A 10lb carp can easily work over an 8wt rod.

  4. Nice fish. Looks like a great body of water for some carpin. Bend some rods tomorrow. Tight LInes.....

  5. thanks guys...Carp on the fly has become a recent obsession...I can't get enough of them...

  6. carpstalker??? Nice ring to it.

  7. Congrats..those fish don't come easy that's for sure! I've found myself with the same obsession lately , it's definitely addicting.