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Friday, June 10, 2011


I just can't get enough of these lately....
Dustin caught fish of the day with this impressive 29 incher....took him into backing....a good 15 minute fight for the lad...way to be

Me....well...I just couldn't get my act together today...I couldn't make a cast, the barb wire had hook magnets today, I spooked every fish that I came up to, I went knee deep into a slurry of manure and mud, falling on to the wet slimey grass to pull my leg out....lost two flies, broke a leader...and got bitten repeatedly by black flies...but I did manage one fish out of the ordeal...not my best day, but still better then a day at work...


  1. You're making me really envious with all of these carp shots!! You've had some stellar days chasing those golden bones here recently , I need to get back out again and try my luck.....Jeff

  2. That's a big ole fatty there.