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Sunday, June 26, 2011

6-26-11...A case of mistaken Identity

So a buddy of mine gives me a call about two weeks ago...Dude..I have my boat on the lake...we're slamming Pike left and right...You need to be here...So today was the day...I went for the 2 hour drive to the Pike paradise...I woke up with the worst headache, dizzy, nauseuas, generally uncomfortable. I went anyway..a good day to fish is any day you can get out..Tying has been so busy lately that I haven't spent much time on the water. We head onto the road...

The skies were grey, the wind was picking up. We make it to the lake, a very big lake...26 miles long, 7 miles wide, 55ft deep...Not the ideal lake for a small water fly angler like myself. We pick out the shallow weedbeds...cast after cast, 3 foot waves slamming the boat....That slow rocking motion, side to side, up and down...oh man..not helping the potential vomit situation....Finally, an 8 inch articulated bucktail deceiver, tied in fire tiger slams a big one...Pike Pike yells my friend...As I bring the fish in, I see Pickerel...Which as a side note I would normally never complain about...I love these guys...They are aggressive, fight like mad, eat flies with bad intentions and look good doing it. But I was here for Pike...The identity of the fish my friend had been catching was mistaken...not Pike, but Pickerel...

We fished our arms off, cast after cast, fly after fly, motor here, drift there...repeat...One more fish, another Pickerel boated by me ended out day. We had a steady downpour for a majority of the afternoon, with changing wave conditions...This trip just re-affirmed my dislike of huge waters and motor boats...We did have a good time overall though, my buddy Johnny is a great guy and appreciated the invite to something different...however....Back to foot and yak for me...

In fact, on my ride home my step dad wanted to do a little fishing this evening. We went to the creek...I hooked two little smallies and Phil landed a beautiful Fall Fish...Back to my comfort zone...On foot tossing fluff in small water...


  1. Nice pickerel Pat! Ken and I were out doing the same thing!

  2. Nice story. So many good points....."back to foot and yak..' Right on.

  3. Hey Pat,

    Nice fish. I have never caught a Pickerel but hear good things about them. Been there and done that with not feeling well but my issues usually involve the other end!

  4. Worse cases of mistaken identity have certainly been made... at least this one was still fun.