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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I got up early...the sky looked promising.....I load the yak and hot the road. My buddy texted me saying it was down pouring about 40 minutes west of me...he wasn't going to make the morning outing. The sky was blue and sunny here...Off to the lake I go for some bass bugging....After unloading and paddling to my favorite spot...the sky turned dark and thunder rumbled like a Harley in the sky.....I made it onto the water for about ten minutes and 5 casts....Packed it in...nothing like waving a 7'11 lightning rod in the air while standing in the middle of a lake....Back to the car...On my way home I see the sky start to clear again....I stop off at my favorite creek that has been unfishable since Sept. 2010.....I drive down the path, that by the way nearly tore the bottom of my Jeep off...a little more dugout then last year....The water looked good...real good....the sky still wasn't sure what it was going to do so I just grabbed the rod...I didn't plan on getting wet today but in I walked....I managed a nice little Fall Fish using a Sili Craw....

Packed it up and drove to the next little access point...Frustrated by the overgrowth of bushes and trees already...I unloaded the kayak and in I went....Fished around a bit...the current was still a little strong...The river had changed quite a bit since last year...A lot of silt, more downed trees and the seams had changed drastically...The holding spots of my favorite species had changed....I know this section of creek like the back of my hand. I could tell you where to cast and what to do with my eyes closed....Like all moving water time changes them...A friend of mine once said that he has never fished the same river twice...I fished and fished...I managed one Smallie in a spot I would have never guessed it to be....using the HellYeahGrammite...time to explore a little more.....and relearn my favorite place to be.....

After about 45 minutes or so, I realized I forgot my sunscreen and had to pack it in before I turned into a lobster....The good creek is on....Time to go and earn that moniker of mine....Smalliestalker.....


  1. I'd still venture to say that you had a better day than your friend that stayed home. Those first few trips back to that favorite stream after a long winter and a spring runoff season always seem to have a learning curve , nothing seems to be just where you remember it , including the fish!

  2. " like a harley in the sky"....excellent.