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Sunday, November 13, 2011


My usual routine this time of year is to begin chasing Steelhead and huge Browns on Lake Ontario tributaries. As much as I enjoy doing real passion still remains with my warm water fish...A day like today..a little warmer, a little sun...gets my blood going for some warm water action.

Phil and I took the yaks out of winter storage and hit a local favorite hot spot lake for some bass, panfish and pickerel action...We easily hit into the 20+ fish a piece category...some beautiful fish were caught and released for sure...

I utilized one fly only today in two different colors. I was using the Strip-a-Boo Leech...I usually use this fly for smallies and carp...but in a couple of different color patterns......It worked like a charm today...I will be updating the color offerings on my website...

I kicked it old school rocking only a Fenwick glass rod and a Curt Gowdy Signature...both equipped with Plfueger reels...made in the USA of course. There is something magical about these rods and reels...Something special...I'll save that for another's the porn...enjoy....

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  1. Pretty good day man, I love looking at your pickerel pics.