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Monday, November 15, 2010


Went to the Salmon River Sunday with a couple of friends...People were complaining about low water flows and sunny skies...The hot spots were packed with anglers...We searched out areas that were empty...The lower end of the river had less pressure...We had a fun day..I think people take all of this way to seriously..Fishing is about being outside, sharing some laughs with friends, enjoying and being part of something that is larger than ourselves...I lose track of things when I fish...All is forgotten and peaceful...People get too angry when they don't catch fish...Of course catching fish is a part of the experience...But it shouldn't be the end all be all of the day..

We did get into some fish though...I landed a big salmon....I also hooked one of the largest browns I have ever seen...It took a screaming run into my backing, shot up into the air like a torpedo and broke my 6lb tippet....Albert hooked into a nice steelhead that broke him off as well...Johnny landed a beautiful giant male steelhead...I had to practically bear hug him to get him out of the water...When he went to remove the hook the fish went crazy one more time, stabbing me in the hand with the hook and me dropping the fish into the river....No pic was taken...He had a couple other hookups that managed to get off....

That is fishing....That's why we don't call it catching....The tug is the drug...


  1. Very nice post. I'm dealing with the low flow\spooked fish as well.

  2. Ouch! You were stabbed by a fish! =)

    The Average Joe Fisherman