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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Took my co-worker to the Salmon River Sunday...He had never experienced this type of fishing before....The day started chilly...27 degrees...Warmed up to about 40...We fished like madmen..He described fishing with me as "like running a marathon..." What can I say...It's the on foot equivalent to bass boats running and gunning...If it's not producing...move on....The fishing was difficult to say the least...I had one hook up that ran me out into backing then broke me off as soon as I put a little pressure on it...It headed for the rapids on it's first run...Lasted a total of 3 seconds...But it put a smile on my face, bent my rod, made my reel scream and made the day...My buddy was able to see the remainder of the lingering salmon swimming and jumping past him...Dead fish floating downstream and carcasses rotting in the banks....The day ended with me slipping and falling into the water head first....A refreshing 46 degree bath....Ahhh...At least it was the end of the day...Has anyone ever tried changing in a port a potty? Clark Kent makes a telephone booth look easy...I would love to see him try a port a potty....I thought I was going to tip it over getting out of my wet clothes...This Sunday brings another shot at a hook up....Tight lines and screaming reels....


  1. Pat ... were you guys walking the bank of the Wire Pool of the Upper Fly? I was fishing up there with a group of guys, and now that I think about it - I think I exchanged greetings with someone that looked like you ...

    Let's just say you have a distinctive look for a fly flinger ;^)

    We did well.

  2. Yeah man...We ended the day at the upper fly zone...we were further down in the faster moving water...then next to the restricted sign for maybe 30 minutes....Were you guys at the tip of that pool?

  3. Yeah buddy ... too funny. Good to have met you.