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Sunday, August 14, 2011

8-13-11...Night Fishing....again

Well the stage was set...All the literature states fishing on a full moon is the answer to hooking into monster walleye..Now my biggest one during the day measured in at almost 29 inches....and yes it was on a fly...So I have tried nights three times now...Last time we had no moon at all and I caught a 24 inch eye...Last night Phil and I rocked out 5 hours, covering multiple spots on foot over a 15 mile stretch of river...We each hooked into a nice smallie....that was it...Bats flying around ours heads, a near Dobson encounter and two shooting starts was the only other bit of action...Every technique of retrieve I could think of was employs, every color fly had, multiple styles, multiple depths..I even as a last resort put scent on one of my flies....I missing the boat on the night time fishing...Honestly..I don't even see the allure to it...You're in the dark, with the animals, insects, and winging flies past your head hoping that your as good of a caster as you think you are so you don't hook into the biggest sucker on the river....I'll stick to mornings....


  1. Pat
    Nice smallie, when you say scent, what are you using, spray, or liquid in a bottle. I have thought about using scent, but never got around to using it, I think the scent could be a plus.

  2. It was just some spray stuff....not worth it and I kind of felt like a $3.00 hooker after using it....