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Monday, August 15, 2011

My designs for Clear Cure Goo

Brian from Clear Cure Goo has produced new bottle labels, stickers and t-shirts with these images drawn by yours truly. If you contact him through the website they should be for sale very soon....


  1. That second logo is badass. I've already got one of their original logo stickers on my homemade stripping basket but I'm gonna have to order another tube of goo just to get one of those new logos.
    Killer work as always....Jeff

  2. Very cool, the first one is tribal yet elegant.

  3. Pat, is there anyway to get those in hanging art size; framable?

  4. thanks all...Mags....CCG owns the images at this point....I think the only thing for sale from those will be stickers and shirts...I'm working on some other stuff though...stay tuned