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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New flies out the door

Some Punks heading out to Tennessee....

One out to Upstate NY

Now these we need to talk about. I was contacted by a guide in California with a custom request. He was attempting to match the hatch...the hatch being baby Merganser ducks...Big Browns were tearing these little fluff balls down...I made him some baby duck flies....The heads are tied on separate...they actually wobble when stripped..They look like ducks in distress on the water...A little CCG on the belly insures proper orientation in the water...I can't wait to see the pics from these in use...Check out John Rickard at


  1. Awesome. I once saw a Largemouth Bass eat a duckling... those are going to be some impressive Browns. Please share pictures if you get any.

  2. impressive stuff man...never get old. keep it up!

  3. Just when the extraordinary becomes take it up a notch! Amazing

  4. Terrific ties. JGR

  5. This is a fantastic bird pattern I tie a duckling for muskies, check it out on my blog if ya get a chance. (bigflychucker)