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Friday, June 11, 2010


URRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGG......went to a trout resevoir today because I heard there are smallies in there as well......Well there are, and they are huge.......They were all lurking in the shallows, big ones, small ones, some trout swimming about as well.....I threw everything I could, some of these smallies had to go 4 or 5 pounds....I caught 2 little tiny guys, 8 inchers, I had one huge fish follow but he took off last minute. The others would just sit there looking at me....I do believe that they are eating little trout. Going to need to tie up some trout imitations....There are tigers, browns, rainbows and some brookies in there. I'm pretty sure I will be the only person up there targeting small mouth...haha....oh new challenge....


  1. Pat if it is as hot up there as it is in Alabama you will only be out at daylight and come in by 8:00--the humidity down here is unreal---hope it is better for you there.

  2. its a little humid...not too bad, we just got over a cold front that had night temps in the 40' its just raining and about 65-70....