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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So anyone that has never had the pleasure of just strolling along the banks of a little pond, a stream or your local resevoir tossing flies to gills is just missing out. Pound for pound they fight harder then most fish. A light weight fly rod, some poppers, some dries, some nymphs.....They can be just as finicky, just as tricky and just as spooky as a trout....They have beautiful colors and patterns....They are almost always found in a beautiful environment....So what's stopping you?...Like most people you are probably thinking back to the childhood days of tossing a worm on a bobber, waiting a second to watch it disappear, then setting the hook and dragging it in....Bream fishing with a fly is nothing like that. It will offer challenging situations to any experienced fly angler...Difficult casting angles, wind, sight casting to rising gills, dropper fishing, lots of surface action, nymphing with no indicator....The best of all.....Lots of hand sized fish to put a bend in your fly rod....A big thanks to Bill Trussell.....He sent me a few flies to try out and they worked magic today.....Tight Lines....

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  1. Pat
    Glad you got to fish the nymphs--the black and yellow are good year round, the white is better in the early spring. I have caught lots of gills on all three. Enjoyed the post.