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Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today was a day in humility.....Back to my creek....Back to the kings and queens of the river fish.....My smallies....I consider myself to be a fairly decent bass and warmwater fly angler and tyer. I carry tons of flies at all times for every possible situation. I tie everything myself, some of which are my own design for the waters that I frequent. I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable in fish behavior and feeding habits....Well today, as well as many days to come and days that have passed, I was schooled by my beloved small mouth. I was not prepared for short strikes on my flies. Usually the patterns that I throw cause a violent reaction from the fish, attacking it with all they have. Something slowed them down today, they were only nipping at the tail....I had nothing with a trailing stinger hook on it with me....I must tie new flies now for tomorrows trip.....My bouncing crayfish pattern, which was being tested today for the first time....worked excellent, even the rock that stole it liked it....Back to the bench...Fish won....a lesson learned....Managed a walleye on the fly and one smallie to the boat....Tight Lines...


  1. great post pat , i love those smallies they fight like stink in the river i fished , regards the stinger hook , i usually have some spare hooks that i carry in my fly box so i can quickly rig a stinger up by tyin it to bend in the hook shank not ideal but it does work

  2. thanks dave.....that's actually a really good idea...I just tied some new articulated flies with stingers to try tomorrow...

  3. great can wait to see the pics and post