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Monday, June 21, 2010


So I took off to my local resevoir this morning in search of the giant shallow lurking smallies that continue to taunt me....I caught this very stout perch instead...No complaints...

Hooked a few smaller bass, but the big ones continue to evade my attempts...I did however have a couple of very impressive follows with one fish I would estimate at 5 lbs or more breaking the surface in a mad dash chasing my rainbow trout DNA pattern....He wouldn't hit it though, only chase and smash water next to it....I was out for about an hour. I was thinking about Sundays trip to a large mouth lake I was invited to. I was told the bass there love the bullfrogs that surround the lake. He said they are huge. I had this brainstorm of a new frog pattern so I had to run home and whip it up before my slippery mind let it go. So off I went....This is what I came up with....Deer hair body, super stiff collar, big rattling eyes, double weed guard, rabbit strip legs held apart with a loop of 30 lb mono in between them, rubber legs in front....Epoxy on the belly to ensure in lands right side up and has a little shine to it....When this frog hits the water, every bass in the lake knows it. When stripped in, it makes a kerplunk like no other....Happy deer trimming....

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