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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hey there hoe there fellow fishheads....The morning was an early start today, woke up accidently at 6 am due to my cat bugger knock knock knocking at the bedroom door....nonstop....little shit....Loaded the yak, off to smallieville....The water even after the rain yesterday was the lowest I've seen it this year....I had trouble getting the boat through some of the areas that I like to fish....Rocks rocks and more rocks....Bluebird skies and a little breeze made for a beautiful morning in the sun....Landed four fish all together.....Hooked 3 that were a long distance release...Such is life....

The Schoharie Special Sexy Shad and a White Zoo Cougar were the flies of the day...The Cougar catching the two bigger fish....

"Rock out with your bass bug out..."


  1. Nice Fish on the fly---just wondering what wt rod and length are you using?