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Sunday, August 1, 2010


What a great day on the water...Back to my creek.....I had an outing with my step dad and my brother today....We caught fish, had a ton of laughs, saw beautiful wildlife and had an awesome day....
They both at one point each, fell into the water....Both while trying to get into the kayaks....My brother as it turns out has a liking to fast moving water....Lights up like a school girl in heat when he sees some white water..My step dad however is a calmer less then 2 feet of water guy considering he can't swim....I'm in between....I just go to where the fish are.....

 brother unfortunetly did not land a fish...My step dad caught 3....I stopped counting mine after like 20 or so...granted there were a few shorties in there as well.....Crayfish pattens were the answer today....The water was ridiculously low...We did a whole lot of boat dragging stumbling over the slippery rocks....7 hours start to finish...with a whole lotta just paddling no fishing in between....Can't wait to do it again....Tight lines


  1. Great looking water and great looking fish, and the shot of the eagle and frog you should frame. Pictures are awesome.

  2. What a great time! Nice smallies too. What kind of yak are you in?

  3. I ride a Commander 120 by Wilderness Systems....The other two boats in the picture are Manitees from LLBean.....