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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Went out with my step dad, Phil today....Had a great day...Fishing was a bit slow...The skies were clouy, a little rain, cooler 70 degree air temp....The fish were there but playing a different game.....I managed nine in the boat, losing the biggest smallie of the day, probably pushing 4 lbs, right at the boat as my thumb ground across his bottom teeth taking the fly out with it...Bye bye fishy....Phil caught his first walleye ever....Pushing 25 inches 6 lbs...He wasn't sure how to handle the toothy beast so I assisted in the landing and accidental early release...He seemed to have a little extra fight left in him as he suddenly shook his body and snapped down his teeth at my hands....Dropped in the water before I could get a photo....I have officially made a kayak fishing addict out of him....hahaha....Smallie favorite disease....


  1. Pat
    Awesome looking smallies, the lake I fish most of the time has spots instead of smallies. The spot is an awesome fighter just like the smallmouth, but I believe the smallmouth will give you a bit more of fight. Enjoyed the post

  2. pound for pound the gamest fish in the river....

  3. Fantastic looking smallies. The rest of the pictures are great too. Smallie fever…love it!

  4. I had to come back to this post for a second look at these fabulous smallies. Feel free to give my blog a look and a follow when you get bored. (wink wink nudge nudge)